My Story

For Mississippi born Miss Angel Brown, practising music was never an option, a hobby, or even a chore. Music was a lifestyle. Surrounded by it in her upbringing, Miss Angel has no recollection of a life without it: “there was singing at church, singing at school, singing at the front porch after dinner at night.” It was no surprise then that when Mel Brown started wailing his Super 400 Gibson guitar, Miss Angel was hooked and agreed to go on tour with him in the summer of 1975. This decision paved the path for the rest of her life.

When  Miss  Angel  met him  that day, she introduced herself to a lifetime of love and music.   In 1982, when the pair lived in Austin, Texas, Miss Angel finally found her voice. While doing the dishes one night, she looked at her husband who was recording B.B. King’s “Rock Me Baby” and said, “you should sing the song like this […]”. Mel was shocked by her voice and didn’t waste another minute. He instantly  asked her to do the vocals on his album. This decision linked them together not only as lovers but as musicians and lifetime partners.

After settling with Mel in Kitchener Ontario, Miss Angel recorded her debut album; “If You Could See” and later her critically acclaimed 2005 album; “That’s The Way I Tumble”. In 2015 Miss Angel recorded “Down In Mississippi” with Guitar Ace Shawn Kellerman (Bobby Rush, Lucky Peterson band) and together their combined forces bring us an album of Blues as real as they get. On this new CD, Kellerman plays the same Super 400 Gibson guitar that was Mel's main instrument for decades. Kellerman has had custody of the guitar since shortly after Mel died in March 2009.

Although the world lost a blues legend in 2009 when Mel passed away, Miss Angel still kept singing and continues to do so today.  

Writing: Gabriela Soares (